• Studies on mating, spawning and development of egg inMacrobrachium nobilii (Henderson and Mathai)

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      Macrobrachium nobilii ; mating; spawning; egg development

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      The chronomorphological events during the development of the egg of the freshwater caridean prawn,Macrobrachium nobilii, were followed from spawning to hatching. The female is receptive only for a 30-minute period after the premating moult. After mating, spawning ensued within 9 ± 3 hours and was completed within 15–20 seconds. Unmated females also spawned but the eggs did not survive. The rate of egg development increased 2·5x for a temperature rise of 10°C. Hatching was synchronised underin vitro conditions indicating uniform development of a clutch.

    • Author Affiliations


      C Balasundaram1 A K Kumaraguru2

      1. School of Biological Sciences, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai - 625 021, India
      2. School of Energy, Environment and Natural Resources, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai - 625 021, India
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