• Relation between food consumption, growth and egg production in the tropical spiderCyrtophora cicatrosa (Araneidae, Araneae) under experimental conditions of food abundance and ration

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      Spider; Cyrtophora cicatrosa ; food consumption; growth; egg production; ration

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      Aspects of food utilisation, growth and egg production were studied inCyrtophora cicatrosa as a function of food abundance and ration. Restriction of ration resulted increased mortality, extension of nymphal period and prolongation of interoviposition period. Rates of feeding and conversion showed decreasing trend with reduced ration levels.C. Cicatrosa exhibited the following aspects of egg production: (a) larger the egg sac, higher the number of eggs present, (b) at optimum rearing conditions, such asad libitum ration at 27°C, the female produced large egg sacs and oviposited as many times as possible (c) age definitely affected the size of the egg sac, older the female, smaller the egg sac produced, (d) increased food consumption resulted in high egg production and (e) dry weight of the egg tends to be more or less constant.

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      S Palanichamy1

      1. P G and Research Department of Zoology, Arulmigu Palaniandavar College of Arts and Culture, Palani - 624602, India
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