• Interactions of insect vectors with plants in relation to transmission of plant viruses

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      Insect vectors; plant virus; differential transmissibility

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      Information on the mechanism of viral acquisition by insect vectors and the interactions therein appears to be inadequate, and the differential responses of the vectors to different plant species appear to influence the virus transmissibility. High transmissibility is found in plants which have high susceptibility to both viruses and vectors. The vectors having low preferences for particular plant species show their inefficiency in transmitting viruses in those plants. Differential acquisition of virus is found even in different varieties of the same species. Different vectors of a particular virus may show differential capability of transmission in different hosts. The host specificity of the vectors also partially explains the virus specificity in plants. But in-depth information on the differential transmissibility due to vector-host interactions is not yet available. Further the loss of transmissibility by vectors due to feeding on some unfavourable hosts and due to mixed feeding of vectors and non-vector species of insects on some hosts, etc., have also not yet been adequately studied. Detailed study on the effect of insect vector-host interactions on the plant vims transmission may unravel a new biological method for the control of the plant virus disease in future.

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      S Mukhopadyay1

      1. Plant Virus Research Centre, Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswa Vidyalaya, Kalyani, India
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