• Comparative study on varietal resistance to rice green leafhoppersNephoteitix virescens (Distant) andN. nigropictus (St⇘l)

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    • Keywords


      N. virescens ; N. nigropictus ; mass screening test; varietal resistance

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      Employing three different methods, 108 rice varieties were screened for resistance againstN. virescens andN. nigropictus. In mass screening test, 76 varieties suffered significantly less damage byN. virescens, whileN. nigropictus caused less damage to 72 varieties. Ten varietiesviz. Ptb 2, Ptb 18, Ptb 7, Khama 49/8, Ptb 21, DS 1, ARC 6049, Khama 49/2, ARC 10243 and Jhingasail were greatly detrimental to insect bionomics in the studies using first instar nymphs and newly emerged adults. Adult longevity test could be a good criterion to identify the high degree of resistance in the varieties. From an overall assessment, Ptb 18, Ptb 2 and Ptb 7 were identified as highly resistant to both the species.

    • Author Affiliations


      Kasi Viswanathan1 M B Kalode2

      1. Sandoz (India) Ltd., P.O. Box 6596, Bombay - 400018, India
      2. All India Coordinated Rice Improvement Project, Hyderabad - 500030, India
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