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      Ration levels; survival; moulting; conversion efficiency; Macrobrachium lanchesteri ; Caridina weberi

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      Effects of different daily rations of the oligochaete wormTubifex tubifex on survival, moulting and food conversion ofMacrobrachium lanchesteri (Palaemonidae) andCaridina weberi (Atyidae) have been described. Moulting is a metabolic necessity for either species and occurs even at the expense of organic reserves of starving prawns. The geometric derivation of the growth-feeding rate relations inM. Lanchesteri indicated that, 88, 162 and 204 mg live food/g live prawn/dav represent the maintenance, optimum and maximum feeding rates respectively. The corresponding values forC. Weberi were 96, 236 and 396 mg. Food availability has a marked influence on the food partitioning and biochemical composition of either species.

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      R Ponnuchamy1 S Ravichandra Reddy1 Katre Shakuntala1

      1. Department of Zoology, Bangalore University, Jnana Bharathi, Bangalore - 560 056, India
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