• Histological observations on tracheal growth during wing development inOncopeltus fasciatus (Dallas) (Heteroptera; Lygaeidae)

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      Oncopeltus fasciatus ; tracheae; lacunae; larval instar; wing development

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      The development of the tracheal supply to the larval wing pad ofOncopeltus fasciatus is described. The formation of lacunae is also described and it is shown that their development precedes the growth of the associated tracheal supply. Tracheae from anterior and posterior ends of the wing pad enter the lacunae in second instar. The pattern of adult wing tracheation is well established in the third instar. Where the Sub-costa, Radius and Medius arise from Costo-radial trunk, the Cubitus, the first and the second anal tracheae arise from the Cubito-anal trunk. Both groups are connected by a basal transverse connection.

    • Author Affiliations


      Mallela Nivedita1 2

      1. Department of Zoology and Applied Entomology, Imperial College, University of London, London - SW7 2 AZ, England
      2. Department of Zoology, C.K.M. Arts and Science College, Warangal - 506 006, India
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