• Electron microscopic study of the spermatheca ofGesonula punctifrons (Acrididae: Orthoptera)

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      Transmission electron microscope; spermathecal gland cell; ductule cell; rough endoplasmic reticula; plasma membrane; secretory granule; microvilli; nucleus; euchromatin; heterochromatin; male gamete; muscle cell; tracheole; haemocyte

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      The present transmission electron microscopic study of the spermatheca of a common Indian grasshopper,Gesonula punctifrons, has highlighted the presence of the glandular secretory cells (SGC) and ductule cell (DC) in the spermathecal epithelium and additionally the occurrence of muscle cells, tracheoles and haemocytes. Both the former cell types are secretory in nature and probably their discharges in the lumen of the cuticle-lined spermathecal duct or ductule vary in their chemical nature. The ultrastructural evidence gives ample support to a concept of a lysosomal control of the secretory materials prior to their liberation in the lumen. The characteristic features of the plasma membranes of the secretory cells clearly suggest their involvement in the transepithelial transport of ions and smaller molecules across the basement membrane. A neuronal supply to the spermathecal wall is yet to be demonstrated to explain the filling in and out of the male gametes by this organ.

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      S G Pal1 D Ghosh1

      1. Department of Zoology, University of Calcutta, 35, B. C. Road, Calcutta - 700 019, India
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