• Nature of infestation of fishes byLemanthropus gibbosus Pillai andL. koenigii Stp. and Lutk. (Copepoda : Anthosomatidae) along the South-west (Trivandrum) coast of India

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      Copepod parasites; histopathology; Lemanthropus gibbosus ; L. koenigii ; host fishes; Parastromateus niger ; Saurida tumbil

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      The nature of distribution, mode of attachment, incidence and intensity of infestation and the nature of damage by two host specific anthosomatid copepod parasites,Lemanthropus gibbosus Pillai andL. koenigii Stp. and Lutk. infesting fishesSaurida tumbil (Bloch) andParastromateus niger (Bloch) respectively, along the South-west coast of India are described. The results show that both these parasites are of serious concern to their hosts causing irreparable damage to the gills both by way of their mode of attachment and feeding activity. The blood circulation of the gills is severely curtailed and the infested gill filaments are completely put out of function.

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      S Radhakrishnan1 N Balakrishnan Nair1

      1. Department of Aquatic Biology and Fisheries, University of Kerala, Trivandrum - 695 007, India
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