• Effect of temperature on consumption, digestion and utilization of food inPoecilocerus pictus Fabr. (Orthoptera : Acrididae)

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      Assimilation; conversion efficiency; digestion coefficient; mortality; starvation

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      The effect of temperature and starvation on the consumption, digestion and utilisation of food inPoecilocerus pictus Fabr. was investigated. Adult male when supplied with fresh leaves ofCalotropis procera R. Br., after 0, 6, 12, 18, 24 hr of starvation, attained maximum weights of 446±14 to 613±29 mg at all temperature under present study, while in female the maximum weights were 999±6 to 1726±3 mg. With increasing temperature the rates of consumption, digestion and utilisation increased; however, the insects died at 39° C. Feeding rates which did not differ significantly in males and females, varied from 20±4 to 1801±116 mg g−1 day−1. Assimilation efficiency increased from 51·6±1% at 15° C to 84·2±4·8% at 30°C and then decreased to 47·9% from 33°C to 36°C. Conversion efficiency varied from 8·0±7% to 41·8±9% at different temperatures. Ecological growth efficiency was maximum at 27° C.

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      R N Singhal1

      1. Department of Zoology, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra - 132 119
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