• Observations on the anatomy, histology and histochemistry of the stomach of the vespertilionid batMiniopterus schreibersii (Kuhl)

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      Stomach of bat; Miniopterus schreibersii (Kuhl)

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      Both the openings of the stomach ofMiniopterus schreibersii are directed cranially and the fundus is large and rounded. The longitudinal layer of muscles is thin but the circular layer is thick particularly at the apex of the fundic caecum. In addition to the usual types of cells, namely pepsinogen cells, parietal cells, surface mucous cells and neck mucous cells, a new type of cell, the interstitial cell of the gastric mucosa, which stains intensely pink with PAS, has been identified for the first time in the gastric glands. In general there is a predominance of neutral mucins particularly in the pyloric region where blebs of mucus are seen to ooze out into the lumen. Acidic mucins are present in moderate amounts in the surface mucous cells at the apex of the fundic caecum.

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      S A Bhide1

      1. Department of Zoology, Institute of Science, Nagpur - 440 001
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