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*Note: The list only indicates the accepted articles and is not indicative of the schedule/order of publication. The issue in which the article appears is subject to the composition of the issue and the featuring scientist.


  • Enhancing ventilation of enclosed spaces using CFD

    Mani S Yadav, Nipun Kothare, Nikhil K Tamboli, Janani S Murallidharan, Guruswamy Kumaraswamy, Abhimanyu Singh, Krishnendu Sinha

  • Computer-based activity to understand proper acceleration using the Rindler observer

    Sushil Kumar Singh

  • Virial theorem of Clausius: From quantum world to cosmological system


  • Effect of natural length on the form of a slinky suspended in a U-shape

    Yuji Kajiyama

  • Structured light: Study of different profiles of the Laguerre--Gaussian beam .

    Samim Akhtar et al

  • Frequency selective surfaces – An introduction

    R Vijaya

  • Pancharatnam--Berry phase in quantum optics relation to Bargmann invariants and geodesics

    Sarbani Chatterjee

  • Reasoning and explanation in physics : Modes of reasoning

    Mashood KK et al

  • Paired readings for the science classroom: Fiction and philosophy of science

    Sumithra Surendralal

  • A gentle introduction to quasi-periodic phenomena

    Vladimir Ivchenko

  • Boundary value problems in electrodynamics and quantum mechanics: Palpable parallels

    S Nath and P Mandal

  • Dark skies and bright satellites: The threat to ground-based astronomy

    Priya Hasan

  • The great conjunction of 2020: A rare cosmic gift

    Dhrubajyoti Chattopadhyay

  • How to delay death and look further into the future if you fall into a black hole

    Sergei Popov and Alexey Toporensky

  • Valleytronics: A new way to communicate with electrons

    J Khatei

  • Analog Raychaudhuri equation in mechanics

    Sayan Kar et al

  • Generating planar diffracting apertures and Fraunhofer diffraction patterns using discrete convolution and FFT Techniques

    Pragati Ashdhir


  • Heuristically sifting twins


  • A generalization of Euler’s quadrilateral theorem and some applications

    Quang Hung Tran

  • On the radical center of four spheres

    Blas Herrera

  • How likely is a random triangle acute?"

    J Sarkar and Collin Tully

  • Proof without words - but with colors

    David and Moshe

  • Characterizing subgroups of a group

    Kapil Paranjape

  • Linear maps between the sequence spaces c and c_o

    Manisha Aggarwal

  • A note on generalized Sophie Germain primes

    V P Ramesh and M Makeshwari

  • A brief study on simple random walk in 1D

    Joydip Mitra

  • Pi, from Euclid to Dedekind

    Inder K Rana

  • Counting candy sequences: An enumeration problem

    Jyotirmoy Sarkar


  • Epigenetic therapy for cancer stem cells: A new arrow in the quiver

    Prathiba Ranganathan

  • Meiosis why and how: A genetic perspective

    Rajiva Raman

  • tmRNA and trans-translation in Escherichia coli – Salvation for Stalled Ribosomes

    T. Nagarajan, N. Arul Muthu Kumaran and M. Hussain Munavar


  • Systems and processes in thermodynamics

    Pratim Kumar Chattaraj and Ranita Pal

  • Mystery behind red gold: Insights into biomedical sciences

    Sonu Gandhi

  • Deep eutectic solvents

    H. Surya Prakash Rao

  • Micro-scale technique for elemental analysis of synthesized 2- and 4- substituted halopropane-1, 3-diones (β-diketones)

    Dongapure A C and Chaudhary

  • An experimental study on the crystallization of oxalic acid dihydrate using the seeding technique

    Tupuri Vishnu Kiran

  • Popular organic name reactions and catalysts developed by Indian Chemists

    Archana K, Chaitra T S, Bishwajit Paul

  • Non-carbon skeletal polymers – Polyphosphazenes (PPZs) (inorganic rubber): A promising smart inorganic based material

    Udita Dasa, Ankita Dasb and Asim K Dasa

  • Addressing safety in chemistry: Laboratory through case studies

    Sonia Rathnani

  • Bold 100: A ruthenium-based anticancer therapeutic: Evolution of a ruthenium-based metallodrug

    S. Srividya and R. Karvembu

  • "Doing science”: Introducing scientific inquiry to elementary classes

    Sujatha Varadarajan

  • Nature’s benevolence and disrupting human interferences: Instances from

    S Ganguly

  • Chasing the biogenetic structure of magnamycin, a Woodwardian saga

    G Wayne Craig

  • The rise, fall and re-emergence of DDT

    Dubey et al

  • Research work: Accidental, repetitive or fundamental one - In the light of benzoin condensation

    Suchandra Chakraborty

  • Porous liquids to resonance

    Aswathy Joseph and Suresh Mathew

  • Diet- The balancing act

    Deepika Dhawan

  • From sink to shelf: Organic solvents

    Gnanamani Simiyon et al

  • Lithium-ion batteries: Indispensable assets for rechargeable world

    Anjan Banerjee

  • Nuclear energy as an alternative source of energy

    Nishta Saxena and Monika Kamboj

  • Writing electronic configuration: An easy approach

    Gnanamani Simiyon G et al

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