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*Note: The list only indicates the accepted articles and is not indicative of the schedule/order of publication. The issue in which the article appears is subject to the composition of the issue and the featuring scientist.


  • Dark skies and bright satellites: The threat to ground-based astronomy

    Priya Hasan

  • The great conjunction of 2020: A rare cosmic gift

    Dhrubajyoti Chattopadhyay

  • How to delay death and look further into the future if you fall into a black hole

    Sergei Popov and Alexey Toporensky

  • Valleytronics: A new way to communicate with electrons

    J Khatei

  • Analog Raychaudhuri equation in mechanics

    Sayan Kar et al

  • Motion of the interstellar dust grains under radiation pressure

    Padmanabh Sarpotdar

  • Load sensor approach for Arduino based viscometer

    Latha Rajendran

  • Molecular communication – A nanotechnological paradigm

    Priyanka Batra et al

  • Generating planar diffracting apertures and Fraunhofer diffraction patterns using discrete convolution and FFT Techniques

    Pragati Ashdhir

  • The incredibly strange story of Einstein's Nobel Prize

    Palash Baran Pal

  • Quantum transduction using optoelectromechanical systems

    Mrittunjoy Guha Majumdar

  • Exploring ideas in topological quantum phenomena: A journey through the SSH model

    Bhaskaran Muralidharan et al


  • The mathematician who revolutionized engineering: Norbert Wiener and his stochastic cosmos

    Sergio Bittanti

  • Remarks on Pinasco's proof of the infinitude of primes

    Romeo Mestrovic

  • Counting candy sequences: An enumeration problem

    Jyotirmoy Sarkar

  • Strategic cuts with a cylindrical knife-making solid bounded

    cylindrical surfaces by J Sarkar

  • A new and elementary inequality related to Riemann-Zeta function

    Anuprava Biswas

  • Monstrous moonshine - A short introduction

    Valdo Tatitscheff

  • A visual tour to Kempner's series

    Rajib Mukherjee et al

  • The shortest connector: How to join three 2D geometric objects

    Jyotirmoy Sarkar and Collin Tully

  • Another simple proof of the Siebeck--Marden Theorem

    Tran Quang Hung

  • Complex Numbers and Rhythmic Changes

    Geethamma et al


  • Going places: Insect migration

    Tabasum Akhter et al

  • An introduction to phase separation in cell biology

    Kripa Gowrishankar and Sravanti Uppaluri

  • From sequence analysis to application: Role of bioinformatics to understand biological systems

    J Kaur

  • A brief history and discovery of autoimmunity

    Haseeb Ahsan

  • Hormesis : A fundamental concept in biology

    M.K. Chattopadhyay

  • Our shero HeLa and her immortal life: The story behind the famous HeLa Cells

    Prasanna K. Santhekadur et al

  • Industrial applications of adaptive laboratory evolution connecting biology with biotechnology!

    Komal Kadam and Ram Kulkarni


  • "Doing science”: Introducing scientific inquiry to elementary classes

    Sujatha Varadarajan

  • Nature’s benevolence and disrupting human interferences: Instances from

    S Ganguly

  • Chasing the biogenetic structure of magnamycin, a Woodwardian saga

    G Wayne Craig

  • The rise, fall and re-emergence of DDT

    Dubey et al

  • Research work: Accidental, repetitive or fundamental one - In the light of benzoin condensation

    Suchandra Chakraborty

  • Porous liquids to resonance

    Aswathy Joseph and Suresh Mathew

  • Diet- The balancing act

    Deepika Dhawan

  • Chirality and drug activity

    Dubey et al

  • From sink to shelf: Organic solvents

    Gnanamani Simiyon et al

  • Lithium-ion batteries: Indispensable assets for rechargeable world

    Anjan Banerjee

  • A simple and benign route to acetylation of primary aromatic amines: An undergraduate chemistry experiment

    Sharda Pasricha and Ragarajan T M

  • Nuclear energy as an alternative source of energy

    Nishta Saxena and Monika Kamboj

  • Christmas tree model of periodic table of chemical elements

    Gnanamani Simiyon G et al

  • The green chemistry challenge awards: A brief overview

  • Writing electronic configuration: An easy approach

    Gnanamani Simiyon G et al

  • Electrocatalytic nitrogen reduction reaction (NRR) as a probable alternative of Haber Bosch process (HBP)

    Sandeep Ganguly and Jaydeep Basu

  • Computers in organic chemistry

    Jayashree Nagesh

  • Applying Reuse and Reduce in an Undergraduate Organic Laboratory: Sustainable Practices

    Savita Bargujar and Sonia Ratnani

  • A Super-Resolution-BasedApproach for Detection of COVID–19 Infection from Chest X–ray Images

    Seema Bhat and Hanumantharaju

  • Friedrich Hund: A pioneer of quantum chemistry (1896-1997)

    S R Gadre and Nityananda Sahu

  • Airy Functions Demystified $$ $\RN{3}$

    M S Ramkarthik and Elizabeth Louis Pereira

  • An overview of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

    Dinesh Jagadeesan

  • Peeking into the sophisticated world of virtual laboratories

    Subhadip Senapat

  • Green nanoscience: Synthesis and biological evaluation of gold and silver nanoparticles

    Arun Lagashet

  • How did the fluoride get into your toothpaste? The chemistry behind adding fluoride in dentifrices for preventing dental decay

    Anil Elias

  • Study of variation of concentration, temperature, and inter-molecular interactions on viscosity of liquids – An extension to undergraduate laboratory learning

    Priyanka Thakral

  • How to Train Free Radicals for Organic Synthesis? A Modern Approach

    Ganesh Venkataraman

  • 2-Deoxy-D-glucose: The Molecule and its Recent Perspective

    Rajarshi Ghosh

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