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*Note: The list only indicates the accepted articles and is not indicative of the schedule/order of publication. The issue in which the article appears is subject to the composition of the issue and the featuring scientist.


  • The Central Force Problem in $n$ Dimensions

    V Balakrishnan et al

  • Understanding Basic Concepts of Topological Insulators Through Su-Schrieffer-Herger (SSH) Model

    Navketan Bhatra and Goutam Sheet

  • Apparent Weight of a Photon Box

    Sabarish M

  • Approximations in Physics: A Pedagogic Perspective

    Mashood KK, Arvind Kumar and Anwesh Mazumdar

  • G. P. Thomson's Experiment of Electron Diffraction

    Chetan Kotabage

  • Physics of a Particle on a Rotating Hoop: Experiment and Theory

    Sayan Kar et al

  • The Nature of Time

    J V Narlikar

  • Combatting Climate Change Denial

    Abhinaba Das

  • Quasinormal Modes of Black Holes

    Gurbir S Arora and P Ramadevi

  • Stochastic Energetics and Thermodynamics at Small Scales

    Sourabh Lahiri and Arun M Jayannavar

  • A Single Measurement Method to Find Refractive Index

    Joseph Amal Nathan


  • Disturbances to the Ecological Functions of Animals: How Anthropogenic Disturbance Impacts the Ecological Function of Animals

    Kim McConkey

  • Rewriting the Genome of the Model Eukaryote, Saccharomyces cerevisiae

    D N Rao et al

  • The Silver Fox Domestication Experiment

    Lee Alan Dugatkin


  • Physics of Conductive Conjugated Polymers

    Hemanth Bilihalli

  • Thermodynamic and Kinetic Aspects of the Stability of Sir P. C. Ray’s Mercurous Nitrite Compound

    Asim K Das

  • Storage of Electrical Energy

    Trilochan Bagarti et al

  • Vanillin: One Drug, Many Cures

    Osian Gulsia

  • 5. Ziegler-Nichols Tuning Method for PID Controller: Understanding the PID Controller

    Vishakha Patel


  • Decimal Expansion, Periodicity and Beyond

    N K Meher and Thangadori

    (Final approval is yet to receive)

  • Euler’s Summation Method

    Kapil Paranjape

  • Polynomial Group Laws Satisfying $1+1 = 11$ and $2 + 2 =22$


  • Survival Analysis

    Himanish Ganjoo

  • Calkin-Wilf Tree

    K Siddharth Choudhary and A Satyanarayana Reddy

  • The Knight’s Tour Problem and Rudraṭa’s Verse: A View of the Indian Facet of the Knight’s Tour

    G S S Murthy

  • On the Infinitude of Primes

    Sharv Laad

  • Beyond $e^pi < pi^e$: Proof Without Words Of $b^a < a^b (b > a>= e)$

    Rajib Mukherjee and Manishita Chakraborty

Computer Science and Engineering

  • On Proving a Program Shortest

    Arindama Singh et al

Psychology/Science and Education

  • Teaching Scientific Temper

    Abhijeet Bhardapurkar

  • Opinion Article: Early Experiences of a New teacher

    Purusharth I Rajyaguru

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