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*Note: The list only indicates the accepted articles and is not indicative of the schedule/order of publication. The issue in which the article appears is subject to the composition of the issue and the featuring scientist.


  • AstroSat: I. The Scientific Instruments

    K P Singh

  • Video Based Analysis using Tracker Software for Solving Problems in Mechanics

    Shivalik Sarkar

  • Anomalous magnetic moment of muon

    Amol Dighe

  • The Square Kilometer Array and a Golden Age for Astronomy

    Bernie Fanaroff

  • Care for some anyons, anyone?

    Samyak Pratyush Prasad and Gautam Sheet

  • Statistical thermodynamics of ideal gas: General expressions of some properties

    Pintu Mandal Santu Nath

  • Neutrinos and the proposed India-based Neutrino Observatory


  • F=ma and E=mc2

    Amitabh Ghosh

  • A revisit to the double-prism experiment of J. C. Bose

    Nababrata Ghoshal

  • Scattering and Bound States in One-Dimensional Potential Applications to Nanophysics

    Chandan Kumar

  • Analysis of Atomic Entanglement in Three mode Jaynes Cummings Model for different field statistics

    Amrita NA

  • From Ising model to Kitaev Chain - An introduction to topological phase transitions

    Kartik Chhajed

  • Two-level systems in quantum chemistry and physics

    Sushanta Dattagupta

  • Is there still room for paradoxes in Special Relativity?

    Elmo Benedetto and Gerardo Iovane

  • Tunneling through rectangular potential barrier: Revisiting the systematics of alpha-decay

    Pintu Mandal

  • When Trolley and Skateboard Decided to Take the Stairs

    Gautam Ravindra Karve

  • Method of Images and it's relation with Optical

    Kazi Abu Rousan

  • An Elementary Introduction to Driven Damped Oscillators

    Carl E Mungan

  • Sundial to the Atomic Clock

    Suhadeep De

  • Sonic Black Hole: A Perspective

    Mayank Pathak

  • Particle in a Box: A Basic Paradigm in Quantum Mechanics

    V Balakrishnan

  • Radio Imaging with SWAN

    Satyapan Munshi


  • Tabular Integration by Parts

    Sameen Khan

  • The Other Way Round

    Prithwijit Dey

  • Creating nice problems in elementary mathematics - Parts 1, 2, 3

    Shailesh Shirali

  • Corrected Probability Mass Function of the Binomial Distribution

    Palash Ghosh

  • Buffon's Needle Problem for the Taxicab Geometry

    Alan McRae

  • Super Odd-Sum Labeling of a Cube\secondTitle{What an Odd Cube!}

  • History and Mystery of Bell Curve

    Sofen Kumar Jena

  • Complex Numbers and Rhythmic Changes

    Geethamma et al

  • Triangular Number Triples

    Rahil Miraj

  • A note on Convergence of a special class of infinite continued fractions

    Rajib Mukherjee

  • An Elementary Proof of the Power Rule of Differentiation

    Triloki Nath

  • On the set of points of continuity and maximally and discontinuous extensions

    Soham Bakshi

  • Surprise meeting: Euclidean Algorithm and Geometric Constructions

    Victor Oxman

  • Polygonal Number Triples

    Rahil Miraj

  • Mathematical Musings onthe External Anatomy of the Novel Corona Virus

    J Sarkar

  • Six exponentials Theorem -- irrationality to Resonance: Journal of Science Education

    Michel Waldschmidt

  • Euclidean Geometry by High-performance Solvers?

    Siddhartha Gadgil and Anand Tadipatri

  • Testing the NCTM 2020 Standards using rigorous mathematics and multiple solutions to a single geometric problem

    Jay Jahangiri and Victor Oxman

  • Uncovering Dimension: An Introduction to the Concept of Dimension in Topology

    Tulsi Srinivasan


  • Zebrafish: A Versatile Learning Tool

    Padmshree Mudgal et al

  • How people perceive risk: by probability ratio or difference?

    Milind Watve

  • Light-Emitting Plants

    Arpan Banerjee

  • Can Microneedles replace conventional Hypodermic needles? Microneedle system for painless drug delivery

    Jaswanth Gowda BH

  • The Human Microbiome: An Acquired Organ?

    Rajkumar Dhanraju and D N Rao

  • Scaling of Cell Growth and Macromolecules

    Chaithanya Athale et al

  • Dr. Subhas Mukhopadhyay- the creator of “Durga”-India’s First Test Tube Baby: A Forgotten Genius

    Amit Bhattacharya et al

  • The Plight of Bees and other Pollinators, and its Consequences on Crop Productivity


  • Chromatin is a Dynamic Structure

    Rajiva Raman

  • Shooting Cancer with Magic Bullets: Promises and Challenges of Antibody-drug Conjugates

    Manu Lopus

  • Contextualizing Stomata: Form, Function, Evolution, and Their Role in a Changing World

    Jayanthi Mukherjee

  • Inside a Developing Fruit Fly Embryo

    Anuttama Kulkarni

  • Tree Talk in the Forest: The Wood Wide Web

    Rajiv Angrish


  • Carbon credits comprehensible to freshman engineering and a project based learning activity to enhance their conceptual understanding

    Sanjeev Rachuru et al

  • Turning the Spotlight on Biopolymers and Carbonized Biomass for Environmental Remediation

    Rajesh Nagarathnam

  • An overview on transition metal-based coordination complexes as catalyst for water oxidation

    Parnajyoti Karmaka

  • The rationale behind expressing hardness of water as CaCo3 equivalents and comprehension of fundamental relation in volumetric analysis revisited

    Sanjeev Rachuru et al

  • Controversy on position reversal of four element pairs in the Periodic Table

    Rajarshi Ghosh

  • The Chemistry of Antioxidants 2. Metal-Free Enzymatic Antioxidants

    Hussain Reddy

  • Equivalent resistance between arbitrary nodes of a finite resistor network from the variational principle

    Arnab Kar

  • Defining the Heats of Reactions using the Concept of “Extent of Reaction”: Connecting Thermochemistry Taught in General Chemistry with Advanced Physical Chemistry

    Raghunath O. Ramabhadran

  • The Chemistry of Antioxidants 1. Metallo-enzymatic antioxidants

    Hussain Reddy

  • Predicting the pKa values of the deprotonation equilibria of benzenonium carbocations

    Sanjeev Rachuru et al

  • Determination of molecular formula of potassium tris(oxalato)ferrate(III) trihydrate: a simple laboratory experiment

    Rajarshi Ghosh

  • A Convenient Laboratory Preparation of Acetanilide A safe and green procedure for acetylation of aniline

    Sarita Passey and Krishnan Kumar Arora

  • The Bunsen burner

    Rajarshi Ghosh

  • Driven Tight-Binding Chain -- A Quantum Paradigm

    Sushanta Dattagupta

  • A Green Approach to Complexometric Titration to Resonance: Journal of Science Education

    Ansha Elizabeth Mammen and Gnanamani Simiyon G

  • Subsurface storage of water - what, why and how?

    Sayantan Ganguly

  • Optimal extraction of heat: an instructive problem

    Jayanth Vyasanakere and Rajaram Nityananda

  • Cisplatin- Forty years of a serendipitous discovery for cancer

    Dhrubajyoti Chattopadhyay

  • Symmetry energy in semi-empirical mass formula: A review

    Pintu Mandal

  • How to Train Free Radicals for Organic Synthesis? A Modern Approach

    Ganesh Venkataraman

  • An Insight into the Mechanism of Inhibition of α-Amylase by Copper Sulphate. How enzyme inhibition works?

    Sharda Pasricha

  • Bose-Stoner formula in magnetochemistry

    Rajarshi Ghosh

  • On Richard Stephen Berry

  • Carbon sequestration: A climate change solution under your feet

    Anandkumar Naorem

  • A Simple Micro-controller based Gas Chromatograph: Demonstrative Approach towards Analytical Chemistry

    Rohith Krishna

  • Virtual Chemistry Lab to Virtual Reality Chemistry Lab

    N S Sreekanth et al

  • Quadrupolar Interaction with the Functional Material Zeolite....

    Asim Das and Ankita Das

  • Determination of molecular formula of [Fe(acac)3] (acacH = acetylacetone) : A simple Analytical Chemistry Experiment for High School Students

    Rajarshi Ghosh

  • 2-Deoxy-D-glucose: The Molecule and its Recent Perspective

    Rajarshi Ghosh

  • Proof of a Bessel Function Integral

    Jayant Pande

Earth Science

  • Carl Stormer - Unravelling Aurora Borealis

    Nandini Nagarajan

Computer and Engineering

  • Extremality of Prime Factorization

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