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*Note: The list only indicates the accepted articles and is not indicative of the schedule/order of publication. The issue in which the article appears is subject to the composition of the issue and the featuring scientist.


  • Stochastic energetics and thermodynamics at small scales

    Sourabh Lahiri and Arun M Jayannavar

  • A Ride to Expoplanets

    Varinderjit Kaur and Simran Kaur

  • Care for some anyons, anyone?

    Samyak Pratyush Prasad and Gautam Sheet

  • Statistical thermodynamics of ideal gas: General expressions of some properties

    Pintu Mandal Santu Nath

  • Neutrinos and the proposed India-based Neutrino Observatory


  • F=ma and E=mc2

    Amitabh Ghosh

  • A revisit to the double-prism experiment of J. C. Bose

    Nababrata Ghoshal

  • Scattering and Bound States in One-Dimensional Potential Applications to Nanophysics

    Chandan Kumar

  • Current Trends in Quantum Optics

    Subhashish Banerjee and Arun Jayannavar

  • Maxwell’s Demon, Szilard Engine and Landauer Space

    Priyo Shankar pal and Arun Jayannavar

  • The many avatars of Curzon-Ahlborn efficiency

    A Jayannavar and R Johal

  • Natural Hexagons —Honeybee’s pursuit of perfection and revered mystery

    Kishore Dutta

  • Airy functions demystified

    M S Ramkarthik and Elizabeth Louis Pereira

  • Study on Quantum Genetic Algorithms

    Indranil Ghosh

  • A Jarring Bullet -- An Indian National Physics Olympiad 2020 proble

    Amitabh Virmani et al

  • Analysis of Atomic Entanglement in Three mode Jaynes Cummings Model for different field statistics

    Amrita NA

  • A step-by-step guide for high precision thermocouple calibration

    Umesh Madanan

  • From Ising model to Kitaev Chain - An introduction to topological phase transitions

    Kartik Chhajed

  • Stochastic energetics and thermodynamics at small scales

    Sushanta Dattagupta

  • Two-level systems in quantum chemistry and physics

    Sushanta Dattagupta


  • An alternative approach to solve a class of second-order linear differential equations

    Amit Ujlayan and Dharam Singh

  • Teaching Irrational Numbers through Trigonometry to Resonance:

    Sameen Khan

  • Drilling Holes through Balls and Cubes

    Jyotirmoy Sarkar etal

  • Special properties of a triangle with an angle of 60o

    Avi Sigler et al

  • Super Odd-Sum Labeling of a Cube\secondTitle{What an Odd Cube!}

  • On the rank of matrix

    S Kesavan

  • Arbitrary vs Random

    Aniruddha Deshmukh

  • History and Mystery of Bell Curve

    Sofen Kumar Jena

  • The ideal of a Lax pair (Parts II)

    Govind Krishnaswami and T R Vishnu


    Rajib Mukherjee and Manishita Chakraborty

  • Error Propagation

    Arvind Singh

  • Complex Numbers and Rhythmic Changes

    Geethamma et al

  • Gamma function and its functional equations

    Ritesh Goenka and Gopala Krishna Srinivasan

  • Graceful Labelings of Caterpillar Trees: A proof without words

    Venkata Karthik Bandaru

  • Two Simple Partial Fractions

    Hariom Gupta

  • Triangular Number Triples

    Rahil Miraj

  • A note on Convergence of a special class of infinite continued fractions

    Rajib Mukherjee

  • An Elementary Proof of the Power Rule of Differentiation

    Triloki Nath

  • On the set of points of continuity and maximally and discontinuous extensions

    Soham Bakshi


  • Bacteriocins from Lactic Acid Bacteria: A Natural Strategy for Inhibiting Unwanted Bacteria to Resonance: Journal of Science Education

    Ram Kulkarni et al

  • Dosage Compensation: A Mechanism to Equalize X-linked Gene Products Between the Sexes

    Rajiva Raman

  • CRISPR/Cas for Quality Improvement in Crops – A Brief Review

    Arvinder Singh and Muskan Bokolia


  • The Chemistry of Antioxidants 1. Metallo-enzymatic antioxidants

    Hussain Reddy

  • Predicting the pKa values of the deprotonation equilibria of benzenonium carbocations

    Sanjeev Rachuru et al

  • Determination of molecular formula of potassium tris(oxalato)ferrate(III) trihydrate: a simple laboratory experiment

    Rajarshi Ghosh

  • A Convenient Laboratory Preparation of Acetanilide A safe and green procedure for acetylation of aniline

    Sarita Passey and Krishnan Kumar Arora

  • The Bunsen burner

    Rajarshi Ghosh

  • The beauties beneath: Cave bats of Meghalaya to Resonance

    Uttam Saikia and Manuel Ruedi

  • Driven Tight-Binding Chain -- A Quantum Paradigm

    Sushanta Dattagupta

  • A Green Approach to Complexometric Titration to Resonance: Journal of Science Education

    Ansha Elizabeth Mammen and Gnanamani Simiyon G

  • Subsurface storage of water - what, why and how?

    Sayantan Ganguly

  • Optimal extraction of heat: an instructive problem

    Jayanth Vyasanakere and Rajaram Nityananda

  • Cisplatin- Forty years of a serendipitous discovery for cancer

    Dhrubajyoti Chattopadhyay

  • Discovery of room temperature Ionic Liquid: P C Rây versus P Walden

    Rajarshi Ghosh

  • Ghosh's Law: a retrospection

    Rajarshi Ghosh

  • Upper Limit of the Period Table and Future Super Heavy Elements

    Rajarshi Ghosh

  • Partial Least Square (PLS) Analysis: Most Favourite Tool in Chemistry

    Keshav Kumar

  • A Smart Chem Search Engine at Fingertips IntelliChem Identifier

    Suchandra Chakraborty et al

  • Symmetry energy in semi-empirical mass formula: A review

    Pintu Mandal

  • A Portrait of the Chemist as an Artist: The Story of Robert Burns Woodward

    Amrit Mitra

  • Life and Science of Clemens C. J. Roothaan

    S R Gadre

  • How to Train Free Radicals for Organic Synthesis? A Modern Approach

    Ganesh Venkataraman

Earth Science

  • Continent Deformation due to earthquake cycle and landscape Evolution

    Vineet Gahalaut

  • A Ride to Exoplanets

    Varinderjit Kaur and Simran Kaur


  • Can pedagogy based teaching-learning help in building research competence in undergraduate students?

    Smitha Hegde

  • Measuring Causality: The Science of Cause and Effect

    Aditi Kathpalia and Nithin Nagaraj

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