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Journal of Chemical Sciences

  • Chemical Research Society of India
    IISER, Bhopal
    13–15 July 2018

    Sanay Naha
    NIT Tirichirapalli
    Novel Phenazine Based Fluorescent “Turn Off” Bio-Marker For Fluoride Ion In Semi-Aqueous Medium

    Sourav Ghosh
    IISc, Bengaluru
    Nanoisozymes: Crystal-Facet-Dependent Enzyme-Mimetic Activity of V2O5 Nanomaterials

  • 22nd CRSI National Symposium
    Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur
    01–04 February 2018

    Manindranath Bera
    University of Kalyani
    Synthesis and Characterization of New Tetranuclear [FeIII2]2 and [ZnII2]2 Complexes for the Investigation of Phosphoester Hydrolysis

    Sourav Samanta
    JNCASR, Bangalore
    Multifunctional small molecules to alleviate multifaceted toxicity in Alzheimer's disease

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