Other Women in Science Groups


Here is the information on various national and international groups/organizations working towards empowering women participation in science.

1. DST Task Force on Women in Science

The Department of Science & Technology has set up a National Task Force on Women in Science to help the Government of India to tackle the problems related to women in science. The main purpose of the Task Force is to ensure that the interests of women in science are well protected and promoted by the government and other organizations.


2. Indian Women Scientist Association (IWSA)

IWSA is a voluntary, non political, secular organization for women working in natural and physical sciences, including applied sciences, like engineering and medicine. IWSA mainly works for promoting understanding of economic and social problems of women with science education. It provides various facilities and infrastructure to support its members. Membership of IWSA is open to all women who are science graduates and diploma holders in basic and applied sciences. Associate Membership is open to all women interested in science. IWSA's headquaters is situated in Mumbai and it has nine branches all over India.


3. IUPAP Working Group on Women in Physics

The International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) has set up a Working Group on Women in Physics to survey the situation for women in physics in IUPAP member countries. The group analyzes the report and data collected to arrive at suggestions to improve the situation of women in physics.


4. European Union Research Activity on Women and Science

Women and Science is one of the core activities of the European Commission of the European Union in the area of Science in Society under its Research and Innovation programmes. The main agenda of Women and Science is to attain a gender equality of putting men and women in equal footing in the science and society as a whole.


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