Prof. C. N. R. Rao

President from 1989 to 1991


Name: RAO, Chintamani Nagesa Ramachandra
Elected 1965;
Council Service: 1971-94;
President: 1989-91;
Vice-President: 1974-76, 1983-85;
Secretary: 1977-82;
Editor of Publi-cations 1983-88.
Hon. Prof., IISC and Linus Pauling Research Professor,- JNCASR, Bengaluru
Date of birth: 30 June 1934, Bengaluru

Edn.: BHU, Varanasi: MSc; Purdue tiniv., USA: PhD. 58; Univs. of Purdue, Bordeaux Novosibirk (USSR.), Wroclaw (Poland), Banaras, Roorkee, Osmania: Wales: DSc. b c. Career: IISC, Bengaluru: Lecturer 59-63, Prof. 16-84, Director 84-94; IIT, Kanpur: Assoc. Prof., Prof., Dean 63-76; JNCASR., Bengaluru: Founder-President 94-. Fellow, Royal Soc. of Chem., Royal Soc. of London, INSA; ex-President, INSA, Indian Sc. Congress; Founder President, Materials Res. Soc. of India; Foreign Assoc., National Academy of Sc., USA; Hon. Foreign Member, American Academy of Arts & Sc.; Foreign Member, Russian Academy of Sc., Polish Academy of Sc., Czechoslovakian Academy of Sc., Serbian Academy of Sc. and Slovenian Academy of Sc.; Member, Pontifical Academy of Sc.; Founder Fellow (also Vice-President), TWAIS; Chairman, IUPAC Committee; Hon. Fellow, Institution of Engineers, IETE; ilony Member, Materiats Res. Societies of Japan and Korea, and Interna-tional Academy of Ceramics. Faraday Soc. of England Marlow Medal 67; Bhatnagar Award 68; Yedanapalli Medal and Prize 73; UGC C. V. Raman Award in Physical Sc. 751; American Chemical. Soc. Centennial Foreign Fellowship 76; FICCI Award 77; INSA S. N. Bose Medal 80-?, Royal Soc. of Chem. Medal 81; Indian Chemical Soc. P. C. Ray Medal 84; Jawaharlal Nehru Award 88; G. M. Modi Award 89; Czechoslovak Academy of Sc. Hevrovsky Gold Medal 99; INSA Meghnad Saha Medal 90; CSIR Golden Jubilee Award 91; Kamal Kumari Foundation Award 92; Goyal Prize 92; Padma Shri 74; Padma Vibhushan 85. Sc. Work in Solid State Chemistry, Surface Science, Spectroscopy and Molecular Structure. Contributed widely to several aspects of spectroscopy and structure by employing vibrational, electronic and high-energy spectroscopies. Besides complex molecules, has investigated molecular interactions by these techniques. An important area of vital interest to which monumental contributions have been made is solid state chemistry. In this area, carried out extensive studies related to tailor-making of complex solids, structure-property relations, defect solids, phase transitions, superconducting materials and novel synthetic methods. Also contributed significantly to surface science, fullerenes and metal clusters. Publ.: New Directions in Solid State Chemistry CUP 86, Superconductivity Today, Wiley 92 Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Jakkur,


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