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Lilavati's Daughters: The Women Scientists of India
  Edavaleth Kakkat Janaki Ammal
  (by C V Subramanian)
  A heroic struggle of a scientist with a cancer
  B Vijayalakshmi (by T R Govindarajan)
  Asima Chatterjee
  (by S C Prakashi)
  Anandi Gopal
  Anandibai Joshi (by Pooja Thakar)
  Not so quiet has flown the Iravati
  Iravati Karve (by Jai Nimbkar and Varsha Kelkar-Mane)
  An appreciation of Anna Mani
  (by Abha Sur)
  Obsessed with excellence
  Kamal Ranadive (by Rajani Bhisey)
  She was a star
  Darshan Ranganathan (by S Ranganathan)
  The scientist lady
  Kamala Sohonie (by Vasumathi Dhuru)
  Return to the mainstream: the tortuous track
  Radha Balakrishnan
  Why I became a scientist
  Bindu A Bambah
  Full faith in myself
  Meenakshi Banerjee
  How I became a biophysicist
  Manju Bansal
  Science is fun every single day
  Sudha Bhattacharya
  Geomagnetism gave me my bearings
  Archana Bhattacharyya
  The enthusiasm of a novice
  Rajani A Bhisey
  The excitement of colours and scents
  Renee M Borges
  A woman scientist in a field dominated by men
  Bimla Buti
  Science - a joyous playing field
  Anju Chadha
  Negotiating choices
  Charusita Chakravarty
  Why and how I became a scientist
  Maharani Chakravorty
  Waiting for sparks
  Prabha Chatterji
  Lucky to be where I am
  Rajeshwari Chatterjee
  (by K Shashikala)
  Believing in myself
  Shubhada Chiplunkar
  From basic science to agricultural scientist
  Renu Khanna-Chopra
  My experience with research
  Joyanti Chutia
  Building a career despite family pressures
  Tanusri Saha-Dasgupta
  A woman ecologist in India
  Priya Davidar
  The pursuit of science - my hobby and profession
  Deepti Deobagkar
  Does it really matter that one is a woman scientist?
  Aruna Dhathathreyan
  My tryst with the monsoon
  Sulochana Gadgil
  It's been an interesting journey
  Rohini Godbole
  A tale of two lives
  Srubabati Goswami
  Dream your own dream
  Rama Govindarajan
  Lilavati's Daughters: today's story
  Neelima Gupte
  In search of equality
  R J Hans-Gill
  Science and the art of detection
  Gaiti Hasan
  The amazing world of life science
  P Mohanty Hejmadi
  With no regrets
  H Ilah (nee' Bhatnagar)
  A journey of discovery
  Chanda Jog
  Encouraging students to ask right questions
  Sangeeta N Kale
  My journey in science
  V Kalpagam
  Combating indoor air pollution
  Priyadarshini Karve
  A mathematician in every life...
  S K Khanduja
  The accidental astronomer
  Pushpa Khare
  Walking through clouds and rains
  Medha Khole
  Curiosity, ambition and foolhardiness
  Vinod Krishan
  Creating something out of nothing
  Yamuna Krishnan
  Woman! work like an ant, act like a man but remain a woman!
  Sulabha K Kulkarni
  No choice but to learn
  Anuradha Lohia
  A born dreamer
  Chitra Mandal
  Hard work and perseverance lead to success
  Kusum Marathe
  An unusual route to science
  Minnie M Mathan
  The will to excel
  Asha Mathur
  A blessing in disguise
  Anuradha Misra
  How I became what I am
  Sushmita Mitra
  Road to research
  Anjali Mookerjee
  Successfully combating prejudice
  Sipra Guha-Mukherjee
  The unfathomable beauty of mathematics
  Indira Narayanaswamy
  Guess what I am doing now!
  Shobhana Narasimhan
  A career in mathematics
  Mangala Narlikar
  Off the beaten track
  Chanda Nimbkar
  An oceanographer's life
  Aditi Pant
  The long way home...
  Sulabha Pathak
  The immense beauty of mathematics
  R Parimala
  Way to science
  Qamar Rahman
  Be not sad a rose bush has thorns; be glad a thorn bush has roses
  Hema Ramachandran
  Looking forward to new challenges
  Sheela K Ramasesha
  But for vagaries of Governmental regulations
  Mythily Ramaswamy
  Building a new discipline
  Jayashree Ramadas
  An austere beauty
  Sujatha Ramdorai
  Overcoming fear and forging ahead
  Sumathi Rao
  Follow your heart
  Renuka Ravindran
  Good mentors and role models
  Vijayalakshmi Ravindranath
  My career in medical research
  S Sandhyamani
  A complete woman
  Chitra Sarkar
  Dharmo rakshati rakshitaha
  G V Satyavati
  A dream come true
  H S Savithri
  New challenges ahead
  Riddhi Shah
  Looking for the unknown in the known
  Chandrima Saha
  From the abstract to the concrete
  Priti Shankar
  My interest in promoting more women in science
  Manju Sharma
  A matter of chance, environment and inclination
  Shobhona Sharma
  Meandering into astrophysics
  Prajval Shastri
  At the interface
  Somdatta Sinha
  Empathy, not sympathy
  Sudeshna Sinha
  Like mother, like daughter
  Purnima Sinha and Supurna Sinha
  Exploring nature's secrets
  Satyavati M Sirsat
  Researching malaria in the developing world
  Sarala K Subbarao
  Science and music: a harmonious jugalbandi!
  S Annapurni
  A freedom to question...
  Sumati Surya
  Journey to success
  Qudsia Tahseen
  A journey in the path of science
  B K Thelma
  Joining the family business
  Vidita Vaidya
  Being a scientist and a mother
  Shikha Varma
  My journey into understanding how cells and organisms are made
  Usha Vijayaraghavan
  The making of a woman scientist: a personal experience
  Saraswathi Vishveshwara
  Answers lead to more questions
  Shashi Wadhwa





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