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Among the activities undertaken by the Academy since 1934, publication of scientific journals has occupied the pride of place. This programme is characterized by the basic philosophy that no journal published by the Academy will be in competition with other similar ones published in the country; that the Academy will co-operate with other agencies in bringing out its journals; that papers for publication need not be communicated by Fellows; and that all papers submitted would be subject to scrutiny by referees.

The first issue of the Academy Proceedings appeared in July 1934 as a monthly and it soon became two monthlies in July 1935, one section devoted to physical sciences and the other to life sciences. In 1973, a new physics journal entitled Pramana was added. In 1977, the publications programme was considerably enlarged with the two sections of Proceedings split into several theme journals devoted to mathematics, chemistry, earth and planetary sciences, plant sciences, animal sciences, and modern biology. New journals in materials science and astrophysics and astronomy were added. In 1985, the Academy took over and revived the Journal of Genetics, the oldest journal of its kind in the English language. The latest addition to the list of journals entitled Resonance is aimed at improving the quality of science education and teaching. The Academy also collaborates with Current Science Association in bringing out a fortnightly interdisciplinary journal Current Science, published since 1932. The number of journals currently published by the Academy is eleven covering all major disciplines in science and technology. The Academy is now considered as the single largest scientific publisher in the country.

Besides regular journals, special publications of topical interest are frequently brought out.



Journals - archive of back issues

Special publications

Special issues of journals

Current Trends in Science (Platinum Jubilee special publication, 2010)

Dragonflies and Damselflies of Peninsular India - a field guide (2005)

Report on brainstorming session on science academies' initiative on post-school science education (2009; PDF file, 140 kbytes)

Position paper on restructuring post-school science teaching programmes (2008; PDF file, 770 kbytes)

Recommendations to Planning Commission on higher education in science (2006; PDF file, 160 kbytes)

Report on university education in science (1994)

Report of Academy committee on scientific values(2005; PDF file, 115 kbytes)

Decadal vision document - Towards Ayurvedic Biology (2006; PDF file, 500 kbytes)

Decadal vision document - Astronomy & Astrophysics (2004; PDF file, 27 Mbytes)

Year Book 2015 (PDF file, 1.6 Mbytes)

Patrika (newsletter)

Annual reports

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