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List of Symposia conducted at various places as part of annual meetings of the academy are listed below (in descending order)

2011-11-18 , Ahmedabad
 Chemical Biology
Siddhartha Roy (convener), Ram Vishwakarma, R. Nagaraj, N. Jayaraman
2011-11-19 , Ahmedabad
 a)Recent trends in high energy physics
A.S. Joshipura (convener), Sunanda Banerjee, Saurabh D. Rindani, S. Mohanty
2011-11-19 , Ahmedabad
 b)Fundamental physics challenges in plasma physics
A.S. Joshipura (convener), R. Jha, G. Ravindrakumar
1992-11-06 , Ahmedabad
 J. B. S. Haldane centenary symposium
O Siddiqi, Sahotra Sarkar,JH Edwards, PP Majumder, NV Joshi, H Sharat Chandra
1992-11-07 , Ahmedabad
 Interactive processes in the near-Earth environment
AC Das, T Chandrasekhar,VV Somayajulu, YC Saxena,GS Lakhina, R Sridharan,A Jayaraman
1959-12-27 , Annamalainagar
 Tectonics in relation to India
S Bhagavantam, MS Krishnan,C Mahadevan, S Balakrishnan,NA Vemban
1959-12-28 , Annamalainagar
 Chemical and biological control of insect pests
K Ramiah, M Puttarudriah,Sardar Singh, KV Joseph
1953-12-28 , Ahmedabad
 Cosmic radiation
CV Raman, Bernard Peters + four others
1953-12-29 , Ahmedabad
 Science of fibres
CV Raman, G Goldfinger,+ four others
1946-12-26 , Allahabad
 The statistical methods in plant and animal breeding
K Ramiah + thirteen others
1946-12-27 , Allahabad
 Nitrogen transformations in nature
NR Dhar + five others
1946-12-27 , Allahabad
 Stellar evolution
AC Banerjee + three others
1946-12-28 , Allahabad
 Theories of colour
CV Raman + two others
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