Bulletin of  Materials  Science

Volume  23,  No.  2,  April  2000


____________________________________________________________________________________________________Cover:  Optical micrograph of a hexagonal growth spiral on the basal surface of a crystal. For details, see p. 132.



Materials Synthesis  
Microstructural features induced by spray forming of a ternary Pb–Sn–Sb alloy
                                                      V C Srivastava, Anish Upadhyaya and S N Ojha

Investigations on nucleation thermodynamical parameters of NdBa2Cu3O7–d (Nd123) crystallization by high temperature solution growth                         D P Paul, R Jayavel,
                                                                              C Subramanian and P Ramasamy

Magnetic Materials  
Cadmium substituted high permeability lithium ferrite               S S Bellad, S C Watawe,
                                                                                  A M Shaikh and B K Chougule

Influence of Nd3+ substitution on thermoelectric power of Zn–Mg ferrite system  
  B P Ladgaonkar, P N Vasambekar and A S Vaingankar   87
Magnetocaloric effect in temperature-sensitive magnetic fluids               Kinnari Parekh,
                                                                                  R V Upadhyay and R V Mehta

Comparison of the irreversible thermomagnetic behaviour of some ferro- and ferrimagnetic systems                                      P S Anil Kumar, P A Joy and S K Date
Development, structure and strength properties of PP/PMMA/FA blends  
  Navin Chand and S R Vashishtha 103
Optimization of processing parameters for making alumina–partially stabilized zirconia laminated composites                                           S Deb and B V Radhakrishna Bhat
An algorithm for generating quasiperiodic patterns and their approximants  
  E A Lord, K Ramakrishnan and S Ranganathan 119
Glass Ceramics  
Application of design of experiment on electrophoretic deposition of glass-ceramic coating materials from an aqueous bath                                                Someswar Datta
Polytypic Materials  
A combined optical, SEM and STM study of growth spirals on the polytypic cadmium iodide crystals     Rajendra Singh, S B Samanta, A V Narlikar and G C Trigunayat
On the development of an apatitic calcium phosphate bone cement  
  Manoj Komath, H K Varma and R Sivakumar 135
Thermal Properties  
Thermal behaviour of hydroxides, hydroxysalts and hydrotalcites  
  Parthasarathi Bera, Michael Rajamathi, M S Hegde and P Vishnu Kamath 141
Mechanical Properties  
Systematic hardness studies on lithium niobate crystals  
  K G Subhadra, K Kishan Rao and D B Sirdeshmukh 147
A CCD area detector for X-ray diffraction under high pressure for rotating anode source  
  Amar Sinha, Alka B Garg, V Vijayakumar, B K Godwal and S K Sikka 151
Radiation dosimetry by potassium feldspar            Arun Pandya, S G Vaijapurkar and
                                                                                                             P K Bhatnagar



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