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Vol. 118,  No. 5,  October 2009


Impact of vegetation on the simulation of seasonal monsoon rainfall over the Indian subcontinent using a regional model
Surya K Dutta, Someshwar Das, S C Kar, U C Mohanty and P C Joshi
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The interaction of large scale and mesoscale environment leading to formation of intense thunderstorms over Kolkata. Part I: Doppler radar and satellite observations
P Mukhopadhyay, M Mahakur and H A K Singh
Abstract   Full Text: [ PDF ]


A study of lightning activity over land and oceanic regions of India
Asha Nath, G K Manohar, K K Dani and P C S Devara

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On the diurnal ranges of Sea Surface Temperature (SST) in the north Indian Ocean
S S C Shenoi, N Nasnodkar, G Rajesh, K Jossia Joseph, I Suresh and
A M Almeida

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Seasonal variation in the biochemical composition of red seaweed (Catenella repens) from Gangetic delta, northeast coast of India
Kakoli Banerjee, Rajrupa Ghosh, Sumit Homechaudhuri and Abhijit Mitra
Abstract   Full Text: [ PDF]


Groundwater flow modelling of Yamuna–Krishni interstream, a part of central Ganga Plain Uttar Pradesh
Izrar Ahmed and Rashid Umar
Abstract   Full Text: [ PDF]


Estimation of snow cover distribution in Beas basin, Indian Himalaya using satellite data and ground measurements
H S Negi, A V Kulkarni and B S Semwal
Abstract   Full Text: [ PDF]


Analytical solutions of one-dimensional advection–diffusion equation with variable coefficients in a finite domain
Atul Kumar, Dilip Kumar Jaiswal and Naveen Kumar
Abstract   Full Text: [ PDF]


Detection of sub-basaltic sediments by a multi-parametric joint inversion approach
Ajay Manglik, Saurabh K Verma and K H Singh
Abstract   Full Text: [ PDF]


Consolidation of a poroelastic half-space with anisotropic permeability and compressible constituents by axisymmetric surface loading
Sarva Jit Singh, Raman Kumar and Sunita Rani
Abstract   Full Text: [ PDF]


Trachyhystrichosphaera: An age-marker acanthomorph from the Bhander group, upper Vindhyan, Rajasthan
Purnima Srivastava
Abstract   Full Text: [ PDF]


Application of Markov chain and entropy analysis to lithologic succession – an example from the early Permian Barakar Formation, Bellampalli coalfield, Andhra Pradesh, India
Ram Chandra Tewari, D P Singh and Z A Khan
Abstract   Full Text: [ PDF]


Eco-restoration of a high-sulphur coal mine overburden dumping site in northeast India: A case study
J Dowarah, H P Deka Boruah, J Gogoi, N Pathak, N Saikia and A K Handique
Abstract   Full Text: [ PDF]


High-resolution satellite image segmentation using Hölder exponents
Debasish Chakraborty, Gautam Kumar Sen and Sugata Hazra
Abstract   Full Text: [ PDF]


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