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Begun in 1934 as a quarterly journal, the Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences (Earth and Planetary Sciences) was renamed Journal of Earth System Science (JESS) in 2005. JESS now publishes eight issues (Feb, Mar, Apr, Jun, Jul, Aug, Oct, and Dec) a year. The journal is highly inter-disciplinary and publishes scholarly research - new data, ideas, and conceptual advances - in Earth System Science. The focus is on the evolution of the Earth as a system: manuscripts describing changes of anthropogenic origin in a limited region are not considered unless they go beyond describing the changes to include an analysis of earth-system processes. The journal's scope includes the solid earth (geosphere), the atmosphere, the hydrosphere (including cryosphere), and the biosphere; it also addresses related aspects of planetary and space sciences. Contributions pertaining to the Indian sub- continent and the surrounding Indian-Ocean region are particularly welcome. Given the fact that a large number of manuscripts report either observations or model results for a limited domain, manuscripts intended for publication in JESS are expected to fulfill at least one of the following three criteria.

The data should be of relevance and should be of statistically significant size and from a region from where such data are sparse. If the data are from a well-sampled region, the data size should be con- siderable and advance our knowledge of the region.
A model study is carried out to explain observations reported either in the same manuscript or in the literature.
The analysis, whether of data or with models, is novel and the inferences advance the current knowledge.

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