Organic Chemistry

           Covalent bond and molecular structure
           Structure and bonding in organic molecules

         Radical mechanism of chlorination

      Alkene chains
Reactions of alkanes



          Animation of  SN2 reaction (
          Nucleophilic substitution (few slides)

          Preperation of alkenes
          Elimination reactions E2
          Elimination reactions E1

       Reactions of alkenes in animations
       Electrophilic addition to alkenes
       Electrophilic addition

         Comparison of ethane, ethene and ethyne (slides)

           Reactions of alcohols
           Alcohol reactions
           Reactions of alcohols a review

         Crown ethers 
        Ethers, Epoxides, and Sulfides
        Sulphur and phosphorus compounds

          Benzene and resonance
          Resonance theory
          Aromaticity lecture notes
          Aromaticity and aromatic compounds



           Aldehyde and ketones

           Carboxylic acids
           Reactions of carboxylic acids
           Carboxylic acid properties
           Carboxylic derivatives

          Carboxylic acid derivatives

         Chemistry of amines
          Amines: Reactions



           Molecular orbitals-LCAO (pictorially)
           Principal Categories of Organic Pericyclic Reactions
           Electrocyclic reactions - theoretical explanations
           Examples of electrocycilc reactions
           Orbital symmetry in cycloaddition reaction
           Examples of sigmatropic reactions
           Pericyclic reactions

           Hydrogenation catalysis

          Heterocyclic compounds 

          Anionic vinyl polymerization
          Cationic vinyl polymerization
          Comparison of Free Radical and Ionic Polymerizations
          Introduction to ploymer chemistry 

           Lipids, fats, oils and waxes
           Soaps, detergents and cleaning
           Structure of ice-cream

          Carbohydrates - Sugars and Polysaccharides

          Disaccharides and Polysaccharides

           Chemistry of amino acids
           Protein Secondary Structure
           Nomenclature and Symbolism for Amino Acids and Peptides

           Classic organic reactions
           Carbocation Stabilities and Molecular Rearrangements
           Elemental analysis
           Mass spectroscopy tutorial
           IR spectroscopy tutorial
           NMR spectroscopy tutorial

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