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      Barcode; vector quantization; bit plane mapping; printing and scanning.

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      Barcode is one of the existing systems which is very fast in scanning and more accurate when compared with other coding systems. It is extensively used because speed of scanning the barcode is very high as compared with manual data entry. To increase the capacity of 2D monochrome QR code to 3 fold, 2D colour QR code is developed. The challenge in the development of colour barcode is in its decoding, since the intensity and depth of colours vary during the printing and scanning process. We need to understand the decoding process and make it insensitive to such variations. A lot of work has been already done to deal with such variations but acceptable results have not yet been achieved. The objective behind colour barcode is to increase the capacity to 3 fold as compared with 2D monochrome barcode. In this paper we proposed a novel approach that will increase the capacity of barcode beyond 3 fold and deals with decoding problem of intensity variation. In the proposed technique, quantization of grey levels is specified to handle the problem of intensity variation.

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      1. College of Engineering, Pune 411005, India
      2. Electronics and Communication Engineering, College of Engineering, Pune 411005, India
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