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      Hadron structure; lattice quantum chromodynamics.

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      Rather than regarding the restriction of current lattice QCD simulations to quark masses that are 5–10 times larger than those observed as a problem, we note that this presents a wonderful opportunity to deepen our understanding of QCD. Just as it has been possible to learn a great deal about QCD by treating 𝑁c as a variable, so the study of hadron properties as a function of quark mass is leading us to a deeper appreciation of hadron structure. As examples we cite progress in using the chiral properties of QCD to connect hadron masses, magnetic moments, charge radii and structure functions calculated at large quark masses within lattice QCD with the values observed physically.

    • Author Affiliations


      W Detmold1 D B Leinweber1 W Melnitchouk1 2 A W Thomas1 S V Wright1

      1. Department of Physics, and Mathematical Physics and Special Research Centre for the Subatomic Structure of Matter, Adelaide University, Adelaide SA 5005, Australia
      2. Jefferson Lab., 12000 Jefferson Ave., Newport News, VA 23606, USA
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