• Ultra-low-frequency dust-electromagnetic modes in self-gravitating magnetized dusty plasmas

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      Self-gravitating magnetized dusty plasma; ultra-low-frequency dust-electromagnetic modes; parallel propagation; oblique propagation; distabilizing effect.

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      Obliquely propagating ultra-low-frequency dust-electromagnetic waves in a self-gravitating, warm, magnetized, two fluid dusty plasma system have been investigated. Two special cases, namely, dust-Alfvén mode propagating parallel to the external magnetic field and dust-magnetosonic mode propagating perpendicular to the external magnetic field have also been considered. It has been shown that effects of self-gravitational field, dust fluid temperature, and obliqueness significantly modify the dispersion properties of these ultra-low-frequency dust-electromagnetic modes. It is also found that in parallel propagating dust-Alfvén mode these effects play no role, but in obliquely propagating dust-Alfvén mode or perpendicular propagating dust-magnetosonic mode the effect of self-gravitational field plays destabilizing role whereas the effect of dust/ion fluid temperature plays stabilizing role.

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      A K Banerjee1 M N Alam1 A A Mamun1

      1. Department of Physics, Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka 1342, Bangladesh
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