Indian Academy of Sciences


Elected 1955; Council Service: 1968-88; President: 1983-85;
Vice-President: 1971-79; Editor of Publications 1977-82.
Hon. Distinguished Prof. Emeritus, RRI, Bangalore & Editor, Current Science, Bangalore. b 10 October 1923, Calcutta
s. S. Sivaramakrishnan and Sitalaxmi
m. Kausalya, three dRAMASESHAN, Sivaraj

Edn..: Nagpur Univ.: BSc. Hons. 43, MSc. 44, DSc. 49; IISC, Bangalore: AIISC 48. Career: IISC, Bangalore: Faculty Student 43-45, Facul-ty 45-62, Jt Director 79-81, Director 81-84; IIT, Madras, Dept. of Physics: Prof. and Head 62-66; NAL, Bangalore, Materials Science Dn: Scientist F and Scientist (Directors Grade) 66-79; RRI, Bangalore: Distinguished Prof. Emeritus 84-?. Bhatnagar Award 66; Vasvik Award 80; INSA Aryabhata Medal 85; Padma Bhushan. Sc. Work in X-ray Crystallography, Optics, Condensed Matter Physics, Materials Science. In Crystallography established the oultiwave anomalous X-ray scattering method for the determination of phases of reflection; partial structure factors of binary liquids and glasses; static displacements; and polarization vectors. Proposed the us; of anomalous neutron scattering for soliing very large structures. Showed that the resistivity anomaly in liquid caesium is due to anomalous electron scattering during the Fermi 6s-5d electron collapse. Formulated and verified laws governing cleavages in crystals. Discovered the icosahedral coordination in ionic solids. Developed new techniques for low temperature crys-tallography. In Optics: Fresnel diffraction in transparent spheres and spheroids; the optical activity of neutrons in halimagnetic structures; the identity of the Pancharatnam spherical excess theorem with the Berry Phase; the monograph on Crystal optics based on the Poincare sphere. In Condensed matter physics established the first high pressure laboratory in India; predicted pressure-induced optical activity; predicted and verified the existence of pressure-induce a liquid crystallinity; determined the critical point in solid-solid isostructural transformation of SmS. In Materials Science established the first materials science laboratory in India. Designed and fabricated the first nutation damper for India's satellite Aryabhata; FRP porous tubes for desalination; materials and processes for India's first heart valve prosthesis.

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