Report on University Science Education



  1. V. G. Bhide (now deceased)
  2. J. Chandrasekhar
  3. M. K. Chandrashekaran
  4. S. Datta Gupta
  5. B. M. Deb
  6. R. Gadagkar
  7. N. Mukunda
  8. A. Sitaram
  9. V. Srinivas
  10. R. Srinivasan
  11. M. Vidyasagar


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  12. After preparation of this document, there has been considerable discussion of a proposal to set up a National Science University (NSU), (cf Current Science, Vol. 67, pp5O2-519, 10 October 1994). In Council's view, the proposals contained in the present document are wider in scope, more feasible, and take into account all aspects of this situation in a balanced way.
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