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Pramana – Journal of Physics

  • Stochastic evolution of the universe-A possible dynamical process leading to fractal structures

    C Sivakumar

  • Entanglement of a nonlinear two two-level atoms interacting with deformed fields in Kerr medium

    S Abdel-khalek, Y S El-saman, M Abdel-aty

  • N2 adsorption on the inside and outside of the singlewalled carbon nanotubes by Density Functional Theory study

    Fahimeh Shojaie

  • A light weight Multichannel Analyzer and Gamma ray spectroscopy system - Application to estimation of $^{40}K$ content in some potassium salts and building materials

    S Venkataramanan, B P Ajithkumar, Kiran K Kurup, K M Varier

  • Minority heating scenarios in $^{4}He(H)$ and $^{3}He(H)$ SST-1 plasma

    Asim Kumar Chattopadhyay

  • Anisotropic Stars Obeying Chaplygin Equation of State

    P Bhar, M Govender, R Sharma

  • Dynamics at infinity and a Hopf bifurcation arising in a quadratic system with coexisting attractors

    Zhen Wang, Irene Moroz, Zhouchao Wei, Haipeng Ren

  • Design of Optimized backstepping controller for Synchronization of Chaotic Colpitts oscillator via Shark Smell Algorithm

    Ehsan Fouladi, Hamed Mojallali

  • Quasi-gedanken experiment challenging the no-signaling theorem

    Demetrios A Kalamidas

  • Relativistic Effects In Study Of Weakly Bound $^{17}f$ And $^{11}be$ Nuclei

    Fahime Rezvani, Mohammad Reza Shojaei

  • Study of Chaos in Chaotic Satellite Systems

    Ayub Khan, Sanjay Kumar

  • Dipole and Spin-Dipole Strength Distributions in 124,126,128,130Te Isotopes

    Necla Cakmak, Sadiye Cakmak, Cevad Selam, Serdar Unlu

  • Fermi-Integral and density of states functions in a parabolic band semiconductor: Degenerately doped with impurities forming band-tail

    B K Choudhuri, B N Mondal, P K Chakraborty

  • Effects of the particle spin polarization on the unstable modes in the anisotropic dense system

    Hengameh Khanzadeh, Mohammad Mahdavi

  • Dynamic analyses, FPGA implementation and engineering applications of multi-butterfly chaotic attractors generated from generalized Sprott C system

    Qiang Lai, Xiao-wen Zhao, Karthikeyan Rajagopal, Guanghui Xu, Akif Akgul, Emre Guleryuz

  • FPGA implementation of fractional order discrete memristor chaotic system and its commensurate and incommensurate synchronizations

    Anitha Karthikeyan, Karthikeyan Rajagopal

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