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  • Fermentative metabolism impedes p53 dependent apoptosis in a Crabtree positive but not in Crabtree negative yeast

    Abhay Kumar, Jaswandi Ujwal Dandekar, Paike Jayadeva Bhat

    [Unedited version published online]

  • Specific mutation of transglutaminase gene from Streptomyces hygroscopicus H197 and characterization of microbial transglutaminase

    Wenjie Wan, Donglan He, Zhijun Xue, Zewen Zhang

    [Unedited version published online]

  • Multiple oncogenic roles of nuclear beta catenin

    Raju Kumar, Murali D Bashyam

    [Unedited version published online]

  • Uptake of phenolic compounds from plant foods in human intestinal Caco-2 cells

    Gavirangappa Hithamani, Dhanya Kizhakayil, Krishnapura Srinivasan

    [Unedited version published online]

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