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  • Polymorphisms in the hepatitis C virus core and its association with development of hepatocellular carcinoma

    Virginia Sedeño-Monge, Verónica Vallejo-Ruiz, Francisca Sosa-Jurado, Gerardo Santos- López

    [Unedited version published online]

  • Promoter polymorphism MMP-1 (-1607 2G/1G) and MMP-3 (-1612 5A/6A) in development of HAND and modulation of pathogenesis of HAND

    HariOm Singh, Shruti D Marathe, Sumitra Nain, Dharmesh Samani, Vijay Nema, Manisha V Ghate, R R Gangakhedkar

    [Unedited version published online]

  • Differential reduction of reactive oxygen species by human tissue-specific mesenchymal stem cells from different donors under oxidative stress

    Paliwal Swati, Kakkar Anupama, Sharma Rinkey, Airan Balram, Mohanty Sujata

    [Unedited version published online]

  • Protein complex finding and ranking- An application to Alzheimer's disease

    Pooja Sharma, Dhruba K Bhattacharyya, Jugal K Kalita

    [Unedited version published online]

  • Amalaki Rasayana Improved memory and neuronal metabolic activity in AβPP-PS1 mouse model of Alzheimer's disease

    Vivek Tiwari, Kamal Saba, Pandichelvam Veeraiah, Jedy Jose, Subhash C Lakhotia, Anant B. Patel

    [Unedited version published online]

  • Modulation of chaperone-like and membranolytic activities of major horse seminal plasma protein, HSP-1/2 by L-carnitine

    C Sudheer Kumar, Musti J Swamy

    [Unedited version published online]

  • High temperatures influence sexual development differentially in male and female tadpoles of the Indian skipper frog, Euphlyctis cyanophlyctis

    Samadhan Krushna Phuge

    [Unedited version published online]

  • Can embryonic skipper frogs (Euphlyctis cyanophlyctis) learn to recgonise Kairomones in the absence of nervous system?

    Swapnil C Superkar, Narahari P Gramapurohit

    [Unedited version published online]

  • Cholesterol lowering drug, in combination with Chromium Chloride induces early apoptotic signals in intracellular L. donovani amastigotes, leading to death

    Amit Kumar Verma, Bhakt Laha, Monika Pandey, Uttariya Pal, Monidipa Ghosh

    [Unedited version published online]

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