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This programme was initiated by the Academy in 1983 to identify and encourage promising young scientists. The Associateship is tenable for a maximum period of five years until the age of 35 or a minimum period of three years. During this period the Associates can attend meetings of the Academy and receive two of the Academy journals of their choice. They are not required to pay any dues to the Academy. The total number of Associates is limited to 100.

Information about nomination to the Associateship

  • Nominations proposing candidates below the age of 35 years can be submitted by Fellows to reach the Academy office by 30 April each year. For selection to the Associateship during 2016, candidates born after 31-12-1981 are eligible to be nominated. The nomination should include four sets of: nomination form along with a brief write-up, curriculum vitae, list of publications, a brief statement highlighting the research contributions and reprints of the five most important papers of the candidate. The validity of the nomination is one year.
  • Nomination forms are provided only to Fellows and are not made available on the Academy website.
  • Only young scientists pursuing research in India are eligible for nomination.

Choose from the following to retrieve corresponding list of profiles of Associates, or use the search form below to retrieve profiles from list of present Associates. Search may be performed by name or part of name of Associate, place of work of Associate, and year of selection.

  • Academy News

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    • Theory Of Evolution

      Posted on 23 January 2018

      Joint Statement by the Three Science Academies of India on the teaching of the theory of evolution

      How Things Break – The Mechanics of Dynamic Fracture

      Posted on 16th February 2018

      SPEAKER: Prof. Krishnaswamy Ravi-Chandar

      VENUE: Faculty Hall, Indian Institute of Science

      23 February 2018 ǀ 1500
      Event poster

    • Introducing: Summer Schools

      Posted on 21 December 2017

      ASTROPHYSICS: An Observational View of the Universe.

      Math Art and Design: MAD about Math, Math Education and Outreach

      Math and Finance

    • Summer Research Fellowship Programme 2018

      Posted on 21 February 2018
    • FAST-SF 2018

      Posted on 23 February 2018
    • Discussion Meeting on Mechanics / Materials Interface

      Posted on 16 February 2018

      Meeting will be from 18th to 22nd February, 2018
      in Evolve Back Resorts, Coorg, Karnataka, India

    • 29th Mid-year meeting

      Posted on 19 January 2018

      The 29th Mid-year meeting of the Academy will be held from 29–30 June 2018 in Infosys, Mysuru

    • 84th Annual meeting

      Posted on 19 January 2018

      The 84th Annual meeting of the Academy will be held from 2–4 November 2018 in Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi

    • New Fellows and Honorary Fellow

      Posted on 1 January 2018

      List of Fellows and Honorary Fellow elected during 2017 (effective 2018).

    • Upcoming Refresher Courses

      Experimental Physics
      26th March to 10th April, 2018
      Rajiv Gandhi University, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh

      Statistical Mechanics
      02 to 16 May 2018
      Post Graduate and Research Department of Physics, Bishop Moore College, Kerala

    • In remembrance

      Most recent entry 8 January 2018

      The Academy regrets to report the passing of:

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