Prof. R. Narasimha

President from 1992 to 1994


Name: NARASIMHA, Roddam
Elected 1973;
Council Service: 1977-80,
President: 1992-94;
Vice-President: 1986-91;
Secretary: 1980-85.
Director, National Institute of Advances Studies, Bengaluru and
ISRO K. R. Ramanathan Prof., CAOS & Dept. of Aerospace Engg, IISC and JNCASR, Bengaluru
Date of birth: 20 July 1933, Bengaluru

Edn.: Univ. of Mysore: BE 53; IISC, Bengaluru: Dip. in Aeronauti-cal Engg. 55, Assoc. 57; California Inst. of Tech.: PhD. 61. Career: Dept. of Aerospace Engg., IISC, Bengaluru, National Inst. of Sc., Jr. Fellow 55-57, Asst. Prof. 62-67, Assoc. Prof. 67-70, Prof. 70-94, Chairman, Centre for Atmospheric Sciences 82-89, 10 qo INSA Golden Jubilee Res. Prof. ISRO K. R. Ramanathan Prof. oje HAL, Bengaluru: Chief Pr " ct oordinator 77-79; NAL, Banga-lore: Director 84-93; JNCASR.: Hon. Prof. 90-?. Fellow, INSA, Royal Soc., UK,. American Inst. of Aeronautics and Astronautics; Chmn, Asian Fluid Mechanics Committee; Foreign Associate, Nation-al Acad. of Engg, USA. Bhatnagar Award 76; Padmabhushan 87. Sc. Work in Fluid Mechanics, Aerospace Engineering and Atmospheric Sciences, Contributed in a large way to improve understanding of flows in transition from laminar to turbulent state and the reverse. Developed a widely used model for the intermittency distribution in the transition zone of a boundary layer. Experimental investigation on relaminarization led to the identifica-tion of three basic types. Conducted investigations of fundamental importance for understanding structure and memory of fully turbulent flows. Discovered Navier-Stokes type constitutive relations in free-molecule flow of a gas cloud and obtained solutions for the structure of a shock wave with the use of novel group-theoretic methods. Derived equations for the nonlinear motion of an elastic string. Investigated a real-life airworthiness problem of an aircraft. Specified International Tropical Reference Atmosphere for aviation authorities. Has been closely associated with the development of aerospace technology in the country.


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